About Invest Maroc


“Invest Maroc” (IM) is a full-service property and Investment consultancy based in the UK and Morocco. We are involved in all aspects of the Moroccan property market including sourcing investment opportunities, property development, rental management and project management. Through our Teams in Morocco, we are able to offer our services in other areas of Morocco and have past experience in Tangiers, Casablanca, Rabat and Agadir.

The directors of IM have spent more than 20 years building a knowledge base and second to none contacts in Morocco and fully understand the local procedures for property purchase, building regulations and obtaining planning permissions.

We have assembled an extensive network of local professionals including lawyers, architects and brokers to enable us to assist our clients with their property investment and development goals. We have also formed close relationships with planning officials and tourism development officers to ensure we are able to complete projects with the backing of local government.

Our clients range from first-time buyers and private investors to high net worth individuals and multinational institutions. Please feel free to contact us to let us know how we may be able to help you with your property investment and development goals.

To be the premier Regional Private Equity Firm in Term of Return and Conduct.

To Deliver Superior Risk Adjusted Returns to our Investors.

Invest Maroc has at its core, the intrinsic values of integrity and commitment to society. Our social responsibility reflects our best practices and in every investment we make.

Commitment to People

People are our most valuable asset. Invest Maroc will develop people, reward for the work they perform, unlash their talent and at all time respect and be fair with people.

Striving for Excellence

Invest Maroc will strive for best quality and highest work standard. Invest Maroc will pursue opportunities which are in line with its strategy and core competencies and where it will be the market leader.

Commitment to Stakeholders

Invest Maroc will drive and commit to add sustainable value to its shareholders, investors, clients and the community.


Invest Maroc will conduct its business with highest standard of professionalism, business conduct, respecting confidentiality, respecting people and avoiding conflict of interest situations (actual or perceived).


  • To nurture, develop and invest in the equity of growing businesses and start-up projects.
  • Work closely with local and international partners to develop new and innovative projects which can create new growth industries in the region.
  • Seeking to develop business which can create substantial new employment opportunities and transfer of knowledge, skills and technology to the local people in the region.
  • Provide and expand investment opportunities for all the stakeholders and support entrepreneurs.